Boodschap ontvangen door Chantal Clarijs

’You are a divine soul (energy), part of source, having a human experience’ 

Be brave. Stay strong.
You are not alone.
Trust your own inner truth and respect others in theirs. 

See that you are all one, working in the same field.
That has different petals.
Everyone has the right too choose; as the soul has choosen too. 

Respect and accept the lessons of the other.
Their path & growth. The roles you are all playing so beautifully. 

We ask you to stay in love. Look through the eyes of compassion.
Yes, it gets challenging. And denser.
But you are here now brave one. And we thank you for that. 

Ask for our help.
And we will support you in the challenges you have to face.
Know that we are always here, happy to help.
Waiting for you to reach out and ask. 

Know that you are source.
Source is found within. It is alive in your human body.
Reach inward and ask for it to start glowing.
More and more.
Brighter and brighter as you leave the heaviness of fear behind. 

Much love to all of you brave ones.
We honour you.